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Traditional Braces – Rutland, MA

Properly Aligning Your Teeth and Bite

There’s a reason why the idea of braces has been around for so long. They remain the standard when it comes to correcting various levels of misalignment, crookedness, and unevenness when it comes to your teeth and bite. Not only do they leave your child’s smile looking straighter than ever, but they’ll also save them from pain and other complications moving forward. Do you or your child need to correct an underbite or another kind of orthodontic issue? Contact Simply Orthodontics Rutland today to schedule a consultation today to discuss traditional braces in Rutland, MA!

Smiling teen girl with braces

What Can I Expect from Traditional Metal Braces?

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First, we’ll perform a detailed examination of your mouth to figure out exactly what corrections we need to make. We’ll then schedule another appointment to have the brackets and wires placed. The teeth will be cleaned and dried before we apply a special bonding material. A bracket is carefully attached to each tooth, and the archwire is threaded through each of them before being trimmed. We will then secure the wire by wrapping a series of colored bands around the brackets. As time passes, the brackets and archwire will exert pressure on your teeth to gradually push them into their ideal position.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

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The exact amount of time it takes to complete a traditional orthodontic treatment is different for every patient. Obviously, more severe issues will require longer treatment. The amount of available room and the distance your teeth need to move are also factors. It’s also important to practice excellent at-home care and follow any directions we give you; if your braces break or need to be removed for any reason, it could unnecessarily extend the treatment. Usually you’ll wear the braces themselves for about one to three years before wearing a retainer (to prevent a relapse) for another six to twelve months.

Are Traditional Braces for Me?

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If you think you or your child might need braces, you should schedule an appointment with us. They’ll need to determine the exact nature of your dental issue before making a recommendation. Traditional braces are normally recommended for uneven bites as well as misaligned or rotated teeth, but if you have a more minor orthodontic issues, you might be able to benefit from a different kind of treatment. Here at Simply Orthodontics Rutland, we’ll help you explore your different options so that you can find a solution for improving your oral health that’s both effective and as close to your own preferences as possible.

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