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Orthodontic Appliances – Rutland, MA

Targeting Specific Orthodontic Issues

When you think of orthodontics, braces probably come to mind before anything else, but they’re hardly your only option. Our orthodontists offer a wide variety of orthodontic appliances that Rutland, MA orthodontic patients of all ages can use to address their unique dental concerns. From space maintainers that make room for permanent teeth to retainers that help prevent teeth from drifting back to their original position, call us today to learn about orthodontic appliances you or your loved ones might benefit from.

Smiling girl wearing an orthodontic appliance

Does My Child Need an Orthodontic Appliance?

Young girl placing an orthodontic appliance

Whether or not your child requires a specific orthodontic appliance depends on their situation. For example, if they lose a baby tooth earlier than they should have, they might require a space maintainer to leave the gap open for an adult tooth. They’ll also need to wear a retainer after their braces have been removed so that their smile stays in its new position. No matter what your child’s orthodontic issue is, we’ll offer a solution that lets them maintain their oral health well into the future.


A blue retainer in Rutland

Once you complete an orthodontic treatment, whether that be traditional braces or Invisalign or anything in between, it’s essential that you wear a retainer afterwards. Without it, your teeth can gradually drift back out of place again. We offer both fixed and removable retainers to help you protect your new smile for many years to come.

Space Maintainer

Diagram of a space maintainer in Rutland

Baby teeth are supposed to come out eventually, but if one gets knocked out too early, there could be trouble. The neighboring teeth could drift into the space and trap the permanent tooth underneath. A space maintainer makes sure that the new adult tooth has the room it needs to erupt correctly.

Herbst Appliance

Closeup of a patient wearing a Herbst appliance in Rutland

Improving the alignment of teeth after the jawbone has fully developed takes more time and effort. Thankfully, with a Herbst appliance, younger patients with an overbite can ensure their lower jaw grows forward and their upper molars are guided backwards to even out their bite.

Twin Block Appliance

Closeup of model demonstrating a twin block appliance in Rutland

A twin block appliance can help younger patients address overbite problems as their jaw grows. Two appliances are worn on the upper and lower teeth, which retrains the muscles to move the jaw to a more forward position. A twin block appliance is removable, but it should only be taken out to be cleaned.

Palatal Expander

Dentist pointing to a palatal expander in Rutland

Does your child have a narrow mouth and overcrowded teeth? Since their mouth is so small, there isn’t enough room for the teeth to come in properly. A palatal expander puts gentle pressure on the back molars in order to widen the arch. This will give your child’s teeth the space they need to come in properly.

Spacers or Separators

Diagram of dental spacers in Rutland dental separators in Rutland

Some orthodontic appliances need a little bit of space between the teeth to work properly, especially when it comes to the back molars. Spacers or separators can help with this! These little rubber donut-shaped bands are placed between teeth to give the appliance the space it needs without damaging your child’s smile.

Carriere Appliance

Closeup of patient wearing a Carriere appliance in Rutland

The molars are the biggest teeth, which makes them the hardest to reposition. In the past, the only way to do so was with cumbersome headgear that many patients felt embarrassed by. Thankfully, the Carriere appliance offers a much more subtle method of preserving and straightening the molars.

Tongue Crib

Closeup of a patient wearing a tongue crib in Rutland

Thumb or finger sucking is a natural reflex for children that typically fades within several years. However, this habit needs to be broken before the permanent teeth come in to prevent complications. A tongue crib is a metal appliance that attaches to the roof of the mouth that makes it more difficult for them to suck on fingers and encourages their tongue to rest on the floor of their mouth instead of pressed against the top teeth.


White model jaw and teeth displaying a Bionator in Rutland

If an overbite is caught very early in your child’s development, a bionator can help. During a limited period during their skeletal development, this appliance can encourage the lower jawbone to grow forward and correct the issue.

Bite Plate

Dental mirror pointing to a bite plate in Rutland on model jaw

During the beginning of a treatment, a child may need a bite plate if their bite is “too deep,” as in the upper teeth cover the lower teeth too much. It prevents the back teeth from touching so that most of the chewing is shifted to the front teeth. While a bite plate can feel strange to wear at first, it is reliably effective at addressing deep bites.

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