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New Orthodontic Patient Information – Rutland, MA

Welcome to Our Orthodontics Family!

Our orthodontists and the rest of our team here at Simply Orthodontics Rutland are all excited to help you and your family achieve the straighter, healthier smiles you’ve been dreaming of. Our goal is to make each visit as positive and productive as possible. Listed below is everything you need to know before you arrive for your first appointment – not the least of which is the lifetime guarantee we offer every patient that comes to our orthodontic office!

Your First Visit

You’ll enjoy a warm welcome from our front office team member when you first step foot in our orthodontic office. You’ll need to fill out a few forms (assuming you haven’t already) that will provide us with important information to help guide your treatment. Once your orthodontist is ready to see you, you’ll have a chance to voice any specific concerns you have. We’ll perform a brief exam before we start going over the treatments that we feel will best address your personal orthodontic needs.

New Patient Forms

It’s important to make sure that all your needs are being taken care of right from the beginning; we don’t want you to feel like your concerns are being neglected. That’s why our new patient forms are an essential part of the process. They discuss your oral health as well as your overall health so that we can make appropriate accommodations. It shouldn’t take you too long to complete the forms—just visit the appropriate link below and fill them out online before your appointment.

Fill Out Child New Patient Forms
Fill Out Adult New Patient Forms

Limited-Time Offers

Orthodontic Guarantee

Our orthodontic office takes quite a bit of pride in the quality of the treatment we offer, and as such we include a lifetime guarantee with our services. As soon as you or your child is finished wearing braces, you can join our RETAINERS FOR LIFE program. If your retainers ever become worn out, broken, or misplaced, we’ll replace them up to four times a year for a small co-payment. Retainers are essential to the orthodontic process, as without them, the teeth could easily relapse or shift back into their original position. Thanks to this guarantee, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that the results of the treatment are being well-maintained.

Dental Insurance

It’s important to make sure that the treatment you and your loved ones receive is affordable. For this reason, we’re happy to work with most major insurance plans and providers. Over the course of your treatment, we’ll help you review your benefits in detail so that you have a clear idea of what is and isn’t covered; we can also help you file the necessary claims. Our goal is to help you maximize your benefits and save as much money on a new smile as possible! Call us today to start the process.

Learn About Dental Insurance

Medicaid Accepted

In the event that you’re relying on Medicaid to pay for your child’s orthodontic treatment instead of a private insurance plan, we can still help you utilize your benefits to the fullest. This is especially important in cases where braces are absolutely needed to prevent a severe dental issue. We can discuss payment during your examination after figuring out the best course of treatment.

Affordable Financing Available

Even patients without any kind of insurance can still find financial aid when it comes to orthodontic needs. CareCredit is a low-cost program that will break the payment for your treatment into small, easily managed chunks with little to no interest depending on the type of plan you chose. This way you won’t have to worry about paying everything all at once; you can create a plan that works within your personal budget. Click the link below to apply for CareCredit or ask us about the program during your next visit to learn more.

Apply for CareCredit

How to Handle Common Orthodontic Emergencies

Your first step with any orthodontic emergency should be to get in touch with Dr. Alkhoury or Dr. Moon; you’ll want to make your emergency appointment sooner instead of later. Of course, sometimes you might not be able to get to our orthodontic office right away, but don’t worry! The tips listed below will help you keep the situation under control until we can see you. We can also provide you with additional guidance over the phone.

Need Immediate Help? Call Us Send Us a Message

Broken Bracket

As long as the bracket is still on the wire, you may be able to push it back into place with a cotton swab and hold it there with orthodontic wax (which can be bought over the counter at a pharmacy or a grocery store). Don’t bite into any sticky or hard foods while you wait; otherwise, you might end up breaking the bracket entirely.

Poking Wire

If the wire is jabbing you in the gums, try pushing it with a Q-tip to keep it flat against the tooth. You can cover the end with a special wax to stop it from causing further irritation. In certain cases, you may need to shorten the wire using clippers; if you do, use a tissue or gauze to catch the piece that comes off.

Oral Pain & Soreness

It’s normal to feel some discomfort after receiving braces or having them tightened. Practicing a soft diet and rinsing with salt water can help you stay comfortable while your mouth adjusts. You should call our orthodontic office if the soreness becomes severe or lasts longer than normal. If you need to, you can take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain reliever.

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